Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels

Research shows that most people start using this outstanding messenger because of the Telegram Channels. There are tons of invite links to chose channels shared by people every day on social medias so everyone can just click on those links and start following, receiving signals, messages etc almost instantly. Due to the abilities of fast sharing, rich contents and ease of use, Channels are definitely the largest part of Telegram. And, Telegram is one of the most important parts of our lives nowadays.
Hopefully you can find the best channels on the Internet at here.

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Join This Channel @interesting_knowledgeDescription:The most interesting facts and stuffs updated everyday.


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Science Updates

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The Daily C++

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HYIP News Channel

Join This Channel @hyipnewsDescription:?News about new HYIP projects in Telegram.

Tricksinfo™ Channel

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Free Forex Signals

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The Worlds of Arts

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Redmi Note 4 (Mido) Downloads

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What are Telegram Channels?

Telegram Channels are definitely the best feature of this new outstanding instant messenger application.

Believe it or not, Telegram Channels are the main reason most people download and use Telegram. Almost everyone starts using this instant messenger to read news, analytics, investing strategies and signals from Channels in Telegram.

It's the same to me. A few years ago, I started investing in Bitcoin (don't be jealous, I was very poor and I am still very poor). Then, I started following some people and Fanpages on Facebook to read their analytics and investing strategies. However, I found it extremely hard to follow and take actions on time because it's kinda hard to read and Facebook usually pushed notifications 1-2 hours late.

After a few weeks, I started seeing people sharing the invite links to their Channels. I was thinking “What the hell is Telegram?” and then decided to give it a try. Immediately, I fell in love with it.

Since then, I haven't seen any instant messaging application which is better than this. Telegram is super lightweight, extremely simple to use but still has the best features which can't be found on any other application: Stickers, Super Groups, secret chats, encrypted chat data/calls, bots and especially Telegram Channels.

So, since you are here, I'm 100% sure that you are looking for the best Telegram Channels to follow, right? I am going to list the best ones below for you in multiple categories, just to make sure you can pick out the best Channels in each category.

In order to make it easier for you, just think about Channels in Telegram are just like Fanpages on Facebook, where the owners are the posters, and the subscribers can only read but nothing else.

telegram channels are one of the main reasons 90% of people using it right now started downloading this instant messenger app. By subscribing to some specific channels, people can read news, signals, investing strategies, breaking news almost immediately. The impressive speed is definitely the best feature which can't be found in any other messaging services.
Screenshots of some Telegram Channels

The Best Telegram Channels List of 2018

  1. AliExpress Explorer – This channel posts the best AliExpress products which are on sales every day!
  2. Destination Moon Crypto Signal – The best Crypto Signals, posted by auto bots, no bias, no human mistakes.
  3. Movies Free Download – Want to watch new movies and download them for free every day? You will love this channel!
  4. ICO & Crypto News – Daily news for ICOs, Crytocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies.
  5. Wall Street Trader School – If you want to learn how to trade stocks and Crytocurrencies, how to invest, analyze charts etc, this is the best place for you!
  6. Funny Images – Funny images, videos, memes and stories to reduce stress every day!
  7. Tele Miner Channel – Best Tips and News for Crypto Miners
  8. Hindi New Movies – Best place to watch and download full HD Bollywood, Hollywood and all of other movies.
  9. Amazing Facts – Interesting facts every day!
  10. BooksThief – Explore and download the best books for free every day.

The ones above are only the best 10 Channels in Telegram. There are still millions of great channels out there that you might don't know yet.

I am going list all of them above, the best channels for each categories.

The Previous Channels List

The Best Channels for Cryptocurrencies

It's not Telegram anymore If we don't mention Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies community is literally the biggest in Telegram. Most of people start using Telegram, joining channels, groups are because of Bitcoin.

So here are top channels for people addicted to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. You can read everything about them from news, best ICOs, best trading strategies, investing strategies, trading signals etc. There are just a lot of them that I can't mention all here.

I have been collecting the best here for you so no worries about the quality!

Simply tap on the name to join those channels!

News Channels

Besides Cryptocurrencies, most Telegram users really love reading news every day. Here are some of the best Telegram channels for reading news. All of the breaking news from top newspapers can be found here.

The Best E-book Channels

Have you ever wanted to download E-books but it's super hard to find a way to download them? And it's also very hard to find the free version of those books?

The Telegram Channels below introduce the most interesting E-books every day to peole and also give away free download links. If you are a fan of books and spend a lot of time to read books every day, they are definitely a goldmine for you!

Lots of people love learning English every day, even while they are working or chatting on Telegram. There is a huge part of Telegram users joining and asking about these channels every day. Here are some of the best channels in Telegram for solely learning English, from reading, writing, listening to even speaking.
Screenshots of the best Telegram books channels

Top Channels for Android Users

Are you an Android user? Do you want to explore the best applications every day and get the free download links for the most popular paid apps?

These channels will be super helpful for you. You will find all of the applications and games you want to download from these channels.

100% safe, 100% reliable.

Best Educational Channels

The channels below are the best ones for boosting your knowledge every day.

You can learn everything from history, life hackings, survival tips to languages, fun facts, SSC, UPSC, MPSC and more.

The Best Channels for Learning English

It is super hard to explore the Internet world without understanding English. English is just literally everywhere. You can't read new books, tutorials, exclusive guides, tips, hot news and lots of other things on the Internet without using English. You can boost your workflow a lot faster, study and learn things faster, find and use tons of exclusive documents on the Internet by using English. All in all, English is just an indispensable part of our lives.

I think I don't need to explain more about the influence of English.

Due to the huge demand of people who want to improve their English, I have been collecting some of the best Telegram channels for learning English here for you guys! Let's learn English even while we are working!

Technology Channels

Are you a crazy fan of technology? Do you read technology news every day?

Here are the best technology Channels in Telegram. You can read all of the news via these channels. From smartphones, tablets, PCs, softwares, hardwares, softwares, coding to robots, cars, AI,… everything related to Technology!

Best Channels for Movies

It's not a worth-living life anymore If you don't watch a new movie every day.

These channels will give you the best movies everyday, reviews for each movie and a link to watch them for free. Also, most of these channels will provide you a link to download and watch them later, in HD of course.

Besides working, people need to have some spear time to rest and listen to music or watch some movies. Here are the best options for you If you want to watch movies on Telegram. Join those channels for more details!
Screenshots of the best Movies Channels on Telegram

Best Music Channels

I believe that no one can live without musics. Here are some of the best Telegram music channels you could find on the Internet.

They share most popular songs, newest songs, hit rewinds, cool MVs and free download links for some songs you love!

If you don't know what Telegram is by any chance, I strongly recommend you take a look at my quick review below!

A Complete Overview of Telegram Messenger and Channels

telegram messengerTelegram Messenger is the cloud based communication application which is compatible across all the platforms and devices and it enables the users to send and receive stickers, videos, pictures, texts and other files for free. However, it requires your phone number for setup. There is also the option to create your username and profile which will be disclosed to the public and anyone can search you with your profile name or username. Telegram Channel is hyped to be the most secured and highly encrypted messaging application. Users are allows to turn on the end-to-end encryption of the application which gives you the feeling of security while sending private messages. It also allows creating groups and enjoy group chatting with 50,000 people or chancels for broadcasting to unlimited audiences online.

What Can Be Done with Telegram Messenger?

  • Secret ChattingTelegram allows you to enjoy secret chats. The secret chat feature of the application allows you to exchange secret chats and these messages are not stored in Cloud Server so you can’t access them from other devices. It can only be accessed by the receiving and sending devices.
  • Messaging with Self-Destruction Timer – This is another great thing about Channels in Telegram. If you lose or misplace your device and don’t log into the account for over 6 months, then the account will automatically self destruct. It also allows you to send messages which will destruct without a trace and this can be done using the self destruct timer for message.
  • Best Features for Tech Savvy Users – This is the option that lets you create bots. This feature can only be used if you are skilled with computer programming. It provides you with links to introduction for developers where some of the basics like how, what, and whys of bots are discussed
  • Adult Content and Pornography is Encouraged – This messenger allows you to create any such content as it is the open source platform. However, the level of objectionable content is only determined by those receiving and sending messages. When you setup the account you will see a Terms of Services box which will pop up and ask you if you agree to different things including post pornographic content on publicly viewable Telegram bots and channels.

Channels are the main reason why you should switch to Telegram Messenger!

Well, there are many good reasons why switching to Telegram Messenger is a worthwhile decision. Some of the common reasons to switch to Telegram Messenger are as follow:

  • Cloud Based Messaging – The messenger allows you to access all your messages from multiple devices as it is stored in cloud server.
  • Private Messaging – The Telegram allows you to send messages that are efficiently encrypted and can be self destructed with timer.
  • Fast Messaging – The messenger allows you to send and receive messages at lightening fast speed compared to other messaging apps.
  • Distrusted Servers – Telegram Channels are sprawling across the globe for higher speed and security
  • Open Platform – Telegram Messenger is the open API and its protocol is free for everyone to use. It is the free application and there is no subscription fee or ads.
  • Secure and Powerful – This is the messaging application that keeps all your messages secure and safe from the attacks of the hackers. Moreover, the application lets you send and receive messages regardless of its size. It allows you to send media of any sizes.

Are Channels in Telegram Helpful for Business Chats?

Well, for a small business enterprise, Telegram Messenger can prove to be a boon. Telegram has over 100 million users across the world and small business can leverage its power for marketing their business and services. With such a huge number of users across the world it won’t be wrong to assume that some of your prospects and current clients are using Telegram Messenger or have heard about this application. You can send and receive business messages amongst these users per day and get good businesses from them for long run.

Besides, the messenger also provides the small businesses with the benefits to communicate with their team members, clients, partners and team members. Unlike other social media and other text message applications, the Channel offers you the advantage to create direct two way exchange with your recipients and this is the benefit that is missing in other such applications.

Features of Telegram Messenger for Businesses!

Interactions with the business clients would become individualized experience with the Telegram App. Everything right from the specific request to general inquiries, order status to detailed support can be handled with the use of Telegram Messenger. All the messages to your clients would be timely and relevant and it helps you to create valued relationship with clients that lead to generation of valued leads and higher customer satisfaction.

Your business can also leverage the potential of Telegram to enjoy hassle-free communication with vendors and partners. It is the easy to use messaging application and secure too which is best suited for businesses. According to some business specialists and analyst, the Channel in Telegram would take over the emails very soon and it would become the prime source for business communications.

The Bottom Line of Telegram Messenger

Telegram is primarily designed for adult interaction and business communications and not for teenagers. Teens must use the application only for communication with trusted friends and family and must use a username for communication. Owing to its secretive nature, this application is not appropriate for teenage communication and it also allows objectionable content exchanges and sharing, therefore making it a adult focused messaging application. Moreover, its ability to connect you with total strangers is another factor which can be risky and problematic for teenagers at times. So, using of this application must be limited to adults and teenager must use the app in supervision of adult parents and family members.

Telegram Messenger can also be used by businesses as a marketing tool and it creates opportunities to interact with audiences and targeted clients across the world, making it the best app for business purpose.


Hopefully you have found some of the best Telegram channels in this page. Although I did my best at collecting all of them, I will definitely try to do the work again and again every day until you guys don't like this app anymore! So please stay tuned!