Every groups chat and channels has their own invite links, which can be sent to people in Telegram or other social network as an invitation.

Create and Copy Invite Link of Telegram Group and Channel

  1. Open a group chat
  2. Open group’s profile (a button with three vertical dots).
  3. Select Group Manager.
  4. Open Group Info.
  5. You will see a link under the Invite link label. That’s the invitation link of your group chat. Copy and share it with people you want to.
  6. Feel free to change the invite settings.

Same goes to Channel, go to your Channel → Channel Info → Link.

If your Channel is Private, you need to go to the Subscribers → Invite via Link → Copy the link. See the screenshot below.

invite link channel

Create Telegram Account Username and Invite Link

Each Telegram account also has the individual address.

So it is necessary to create public username following the instruction below:

  1. Go to account settings.
  2. Select the Username section.
  3. Enter your wanted username.
  4. Select Save button.
  5. An URL address like this https://telegram.me/username will appear. It is the invite link of your Telegram account.

username telegram

How to copy a link in Telegram and paste it into a dialogue

As mentioned above, we already known where to find addresses of groups, channels and accounts.

Now it is time to know how to copy them and paste it into a dialogue.

  1. Long-press a link (Mobile devices) or right click a link with mouse pointer (PC).
  2. A context menu appear and then choose Copy a link option
  3. Go to a dialogue for pasting link.
  4. Long-press in the input field (Mobile devices) or press right click mouse button (PC) and select Paste

This given instruction can work with any URL addresses in Telegram. Or you can paste into an internal dialogue and send to any Internet user by email or a post in other social networks.

Preview Function

Telegram has a preview function which allows you to review the content before visiting it.

In order to use preview function, all you have to do is to paste a copied link into a dialogue box.

The system will automatically give a preview image with short description text, a photo or video information of given Website.

If you do not like that, just simply click the cross icon on the top right side of a preview image.

This function will:

  • Give attraction to certain amount of users in groups and channels by creating beautiful news feed design.
  • Let users evaluate the resource’s content.
  • Eye-catching preview image increase the chance of following a link.

And all of the private data of person that provided URL will stay in Telegram only. No need to worry about private information being transferred to third parties.