Looking for the way to add or hide your phone number while using Telegram? Look no further!

To sign in and for further authorization in Telegram, you need to provide your number to receive verification code via SMS.

Because of that, you might concern that your contact information will expose to third parties, so you might want to find some ways to hide your telephone number in Telegram.

The following article will show SMS verification features and reason why you do not have to worry about your contacts are sent to random people.

How to hide phone number in Telegram

In the “Setting” section, you can find the phone number in your profile. Account owner and users in their contact list can see it by default.

However, members in any Telegram group/community have no access to your phone number, so no need to hide it.

All of the contacts in your smartphone phonebook will be informed in Telegram as soon as you finish your registration. But there is no big deal, because they know your phone number anyway.

This information cannot be provided to users do not know your mobile.

Telegram has an option allow hiding a phone number but it is pointless because your number can only be seen by mutual contacts. Other user has no access to this information unless you willing to share it.

How to create a Telegram account without using phone number?

If you still not pleased with those mentioned solutions, you can use the following methods to create a Telegram profile without using any phone number:

  • Connect Skype to Telegram: This feature allow you to bind your Telegram account to Skype, but you have to pay 50 euro annually for extra security.
  • Use another SIM card: It is not required using your main SIM card for creating a Telegram account. You can buy a new one to hide your account to all your contacts or friends.

No matter what, you still need a phone number to create a Telegram account. Maybe in the future, there will many ways to authenticate that no longer require smartphone. But for now, the safest way is to use SMS verification code, even banking systems use this method too.

The Advantages of SMS Verification in Telegram

For now, there are two ways to verify a user in messaging apps:

  • Via login and password.
  • Via SMS verification code.

Using SMS verification is much safer than using username and password only.

Username and password these days are no longer safe than it used to be.

There are many cases that e-mail and social accounts were stolen by username/password attack. The main flaw is a possibility of logging in to an account from any device that had access to certain applications.

But logging with SMS verification code is a totally different way, because of where the code is sent. So it is impossible to login without it, and that makes it much safer.

Telegram users will find that this method will prevent unauthorized access to their account.

The only way to gain access is to have the verification code. This requires much more effort than hacking password/login.

With SMS authorization, only account owner has access to their messages.