Looking for a way to make polls in Telegram?

Polls are usually used by social network groups, pages, channels for receiving feedback on particular things (Posts, products or services), asking for opinions or demands on something.

All of that is to have a better Telegram groups/pages/channels.

Create Polls in Telegram with Pollbot

So now, we will show you how to create a poll in Telegram with the help of @Pollbot:

  1. Chat with @Pollbot to start a dialogue.
  2. The bot will ask you to send a question.
  3. You will have to give the bot at least one answer.
  4. Type /done command if you finish typing all the answer you want.
  5. The bot will give you a link to your created poll so you can share it with others.

poll bot telegram

Note that the poll can only share within your groups or channels.

Although @Pollbot have some limited poll features, but its setup rate and user-friendly interface make it very popular with Telegram users.

Create Polls in Telegram with QuAnBot

You can use @QuAnBot for using fully function poll. It has some advantages:

  • Pollers can offer their answer to the poll’s author. If the author approves the suggest, one more answer will be added to the list.
  • The poll’s author can request a user’s phone number before joining a poll.
  • Pollers can choose multiple answers, the number of answers can be only one or many depending on the author.
  • Can add photos, videos and voice messages.

So to create a poll with @QuAnBot, please follow these following steps:

  1. Click or tap on @QuAnBot to start a dialogue.
  2. Type /newpoll command.
  3. Type a question. (You can choose your poll’s description with /HTML or /markdown, type /cancel if you don’t want)
  4. Then write all possible answers. (You can edit your answers by clicking )
  5. Select Finish in the menu once you are done. (You can preview your poll by selecting Test)
  6. A option will appear in the menu. After selecting it, there will be three options: Share with your chats, create a link or share with users list, choose your wanted option.

Note that you can control votes (Change votes, delete votes, multi-select option, etc.) in the setting

quanbot telegram

Some other great bots for creating Polls

Besides, there are also @vote and @like bot responsible for creating poll and writing post with an option of liking them.

The @vote bot help Telegram users quickly creating polls with the following step:

  1. Click or tap on @vote to start a dialogue.
  2. Type main question.
  3. Type all possible answers.
  4. Type /done command if you are finish.
  5. A menu will appear, select Publishpoll option to share with a group or a conversation.

The @vote bot has almost the same poll creation algorithm like @Pollbot. The only difference is you cannot share with your friends from other social networks by using @vote bot because it doesn’t generate a link.

The @like bot lets user choose the given emoji toward the post by following instructions:

  1. Click or tap on @like bot to start a dialogue.
  2. You can send text, image, video, gif or a sticker.
  3. Choose from 1 to 6 emojis you want.
  4. Select Publish to publish a post to a group or a conversation.
  5. Confirm a publication by selecting your post.