We are going to show you 15 best Telegram tips and tricks that you probably haven’t seen before on the Internet!

1Using Telegram Secret Chat

This amazing feature lets your conversation between you and recipient secure from anyone else, including Telegram itself.

To create a secret chat, just tap on “New message”, choose “New secret chat” and select the contact you want to have a private conversation.

2Set Self-Destruct Timer in Secret Chat

Just like Snapchat, Telegram also has an option that let your secret chat self-destruct.

However, Telegram has a little more advanced option that lets you set self-destruct timer on all of your messages.

To do that, simply open your secret chat, tap on the three-dot button on the top right corner if you are on Android device or if you are an iPhone user, tap on the timer icon on the input field.

Then you can select the time limit for your messages.

Time limit notification will be shown on chat once you set, when the timer end, the message will delete from your as well as your contact chat.

There will be a notification showed if a screenshot is taken by the sender or the recipient.

3Turn off thee message preview

Message preview is a quite useful feature because it shows on lock screen and appears as notification, but there is a case that someone using your phone or might close to your phone that you don’t want them to see your messages.

In that case, you can go to “Settings”, choose “Notifications and Sounds” and then turn off “Message Preview”.

4Disable Last seen in Telegram

You can hide your last seen information to everyone or just some particular people.

Just simply head to “Settings”, choose “Privacy and Security”.

There will be some options for you to choose: “Everybody”, “My contacts”, “Nobody” or you can add some exceptions.

5Avoid being added to Unwanted Groups or Channels

It is kind of annoying when people keep adding you to an unknown group or channel in Telegram.

To stop this, you go to “Settings”, choose “Privacy and Security” and then select “Group”.

In there, you can restrict who can add you to groups or channels with two options: “Everybody” and “My Contacts”.

You can also prevent a particular user from adding you to a group in “Add exceptions”.

6Edit the sent messages

This is a cool feature that let you edit your sent messages in case you regretted writing something or wanting to correct your typo.

To do that, just simply tap on that message and select edit. You will be able to make changes and re-type it.

However, there will be an “edited” label on that message, and the recipient can see it.

7Manage the download media in Telegram

Telegram allows you to receive and send media files up to 1.5GB. But your phone may run out of space quickly because of the media files.

The easiest way to control it is head to “Settings”, tap on “Data and Storage” and turn “Auto-Download Media” off. Now you can choose which media file to load.

8Set a passcode lock on Telegram chats

You don’t want your friend or who borrow your phone to read your Telegram chats. That is very simple.

You just need to go to “Privacy and Security” in “Settings”, then select “Passcode Lock” in “Security” section. Enable it and enter your passcode.

You can also set a timer that automatically locks your chats when the timer ends.

9Stop Auto-play GIF in Telegram

GIF files are fun ways to communicate with people in Telegram. But, are you not comfortable with the auto-play? Well, there is a solution for you!

Just need to open Telegram, head to “Setting”, scroll down to “Messages” section and turn “Autoplay GIFs” off.

10Use bots in Telegram

Bots in Telegram are coded accounts that can help you in particular things with given command such as:

  • @stickers: is a bot that helps you to create your own stickers pack.
  • @Pollbot: is a bot that helps you create a poll for voting.
  • @Imagebot: this bot can help you find pictures with given keyword.

11Turn off notifications for a specific user

Ever felt like annoyed by notification in Telegram, you can turn off all notifications in Telegram or just turn off notifications (temporarily) to (a) specific contact(s) that bother you.

To do that just simply go to their chat, tap on their name then tap on “Mute” icon.

You can choose the amount of mute time like 1 hour, 8 hours, two days or completely disable.

Then now you can stop receiving notifications from that contact.

12Customize chat background

Do you feel bored of seeing the same old standard background from days to days, want to experience something new or fun?

Well, it’s very simple to change the background in Telegram.

Go to “Settings”, select “Chat Background” and choose a given image or your own image in the gallery.

13See messages secretly

This is a little trick that helps you read a message without showing to the sender that you have read it.

Just simply turn off all network connection by enabling “Airplane mode” when you receive a message.

Open Telegram and read it. When you finish reading, close the app and turn data back on.

14Search messages in chat

Wanting to find one message you need months or even years ago? You can use scroll, but it may take hours to find it or skip it by mistake.

There is a search function that can help you easily find it. Just head to the chat where you sent that message, tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner and select “Search”.

Now you can enter keyword or text that you are looking for and Telegram will show it to you.

15Hide Telegram media from your Gallery

You can hide photos and videos shared in Telegram in your phone’s Gallery by heading to “Settings” and turn off “Save to gallery” in “Message” section.